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Now Create Unlimited Daily basis Online Exams for your students by just Uploading the PDF file of question paper.

No More Typing In The Software
Unique Technology
Unique Institutes

Technology’s Features

Student Dashboard

Institute Dashboard

Institute ExamStore

Students ScoreCard

Exam History

Student Performance

Avg Sore

Test Analysis

Test Reports

Download Report

Test Sales Report

Real Exams Theme

Scheduled Test

Shift Password

Multi Language

Personalize Report

Predicted Marks

Remove Test

Customize Test

Add Into Website

How afterClass is different and useful?

Stop typing all the questions one by one in the software. It’s wasting your time and increase your workload.

Be smart and unique Institute

Just upload the PDF file
of the questions with answer key and select the exam category
that’s it.

Test becomes live in a few minutes. No extra work you need to do.

Get the live updates of your students test reports and analysis on one page.

Real exam theme for selected exam category. Don’t stuck with only one theme.

Start selling your class tests online, reach more students, explore the knowledge 

Why you should choose us?

1. If you already have an Online Exam Software Ask yourself a simple question
How many online exams are you conducting in a month?

2. If you don’t have any Online Exam Software Choose someone because all most exams are online now a days in India.