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Hello Dear Institute,

Are you still wasting your time in typing the questions one by one in the software, even you paid huge amount to the companies?

do you think it’s worth you?


What we believe?
“Do something smart what make your work easy and unique with multiple efficiency of production”

We have met all most all the largest institutions of India

Their feedback,
They have high paid online exam software still they are not able to conduct weekly/daily basis Online Exams

We seem it’s an opportunity, so we studied deeply this matter. We do understand your inconvenience while conducting online exams.

We are the team of dedicated and passionate Programmers, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, Distributed Systems Engineer, Developers, Designers, Analytics, Market Researchers who worked for a year to design an AI Platform for institutes to minimize their time and workload to the zero.

It’s not only a software but also a platform to handle your daily basis Online Exams. It’s worth more than your 3-5 revelint employees. No headache, No Time waste.

Let the technology handle your students performance
Get 93% correct data of number of selection from your institute before the real exam.
It’s possible based on your students all attempted practice tests by machine learning.
You can increase the selection rate of your institute

Why you should choose us
If you already have the oes software
Ask yourself a simple question, How many online exams are you conducting in a month.
If you don’t have the oes software
Choose someone because all most exams are online now a days in India.

This is the right time to take the right decision for your business and make it unique.

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