Welcome to afterClass Privacy Policy

The information which you provide to us for using afterClass, we keep your personal information private and safe.

We want to give you better results, according to your needs. So you can easily get what you want for your better. If we are asking you to give any information, all won't be required. It's up to you, what info you want to share with afterClass.

We won't give your info like email address and phone number to third-party companies for promoting. In the education feed, you can share photos, ideas, links, documents, thoughts and other info and you can control the view of people. You can choose by your own that who can see your education feed activity, whatever you publish. You can choose the people also based on your classmate list to show your published data.

We always take care of your privacy of your account. It's an open platform where you can give only that info which you want to show to public. Also you are free to handle your own account at afterClass. You can choose the privacy of your account data by clicking on settings in your afterClass account. You can hide your data or show to public or your friends. Any time you can delete your account. The information of the users of an institute will be confidential.