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General Instructions

Read the following instructions carefully

Time : – 3 Hours Max.Marks : 720

Please ensure that the Question paper you have received contains ALL THE QUESTIONS in each
Section and PAGES. If you found some mistake like missing questions of pages then contact
immediately to the Invigilator

Physics = Current Electricity
Chemistry = State of matter, s-block
Botany = Morphology, Sexual Reproduction in flowering plant, Reproduction organism
Zoology = Circulation, Digestion

 There are three sections in this paper, consisting Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
 For each correct answer 4 marks awarded and for each incorrect answer, one mark will be
 Mark only one correct answer out of four alternatives.
 Use Blue/Black Ball Point Pen only for writing particulars/marking.
 Use of Calculator is not allowed.
 Dark the circle in the space provided only.
 Use of white fluid or any other material which damage the answer sheet, is not permissible on the
Answer Sheet.

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After the elapse of time scheduled for the examination (180 minutes), all the answers (including those “Answered and Marked for Review”) will be automatically submitted.

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You can shuffle between sections and questions anytime during the examination.

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